Doing up the three rhinos for my intro ~1000pts Space Marine/Blood Angels list.

All three rhinos have magnetized top hatches, transport doors, side doors and dozer blades which allows more options later on as I change my list.

2016-03-21 23.04.47

I also ended up using Oyumaru to make the greenstuff door iconography and the imperial eagle at the front of the dozer blade. These turned out surprisingly well so I’ll be using these more going forward for my other models.

In terms of painting, I used the same method as how I do my normal troops: prime black, airbrush dark red, red and finally light red for the highlights. I don’t have a specific paint formula – I’ve collected at least 8 different shades of red from various paint manufacturers ranging from P3, GW and Vallejo. The trick with airbrush is knowing how much of each to apply to ensure consistency across all models. After the airbrushing, I then do my black lining, metallics, metallic shading, gloss coat, decals, matte coat and finally dry brushing.

2016-03-26 00.38.55

2016-03-27 19.38.49

2016-03-29 22.10.58

These models were the first time I used Pledge acrylic floor wax which is well known among hobbyists. The end results came out better than anticipated and the liquid shoots very well through an airbrush due to it’s consistency – much better than the Vallejo gloss coat I was using before.

Final pictures coming soon!