Two weeks ago, I managed to find a barely used, unpainted Realm of Battle Board for sale in a local classified group on Facebook. A few quick messages back and forth with the seller and I was soon the proud owner of a RoBB. This board is also no longer available for sale from GW direct so being able to find one for a great price was another motivator to get this going.

First off, I should mention that this thing is HEAVY. The six 2×2 boards come in a carrying case that weighs a ton – a good sign meaning that the boards are less likely to warp and bend over time. I also own a 4×6 board from Secret Weapon Miniatures (scrap yard) which come in 1×1 tiles. The SWM tiles are much lighter and many tiles had noticeable warping straight from the box.

2016-07-13 22.59.33Painting the RoBB was a different challenge given the scale and scope. Coming from painting 28mm minis, I knew I needed a whole different set of tools – and my airbrush would see very limited use in this. I ended up buying 2 cans of black spray primer (which were barely enough for the 6 tiles) and big bottles of craft paint and brushes from Michaels.


I spent one day priming all tiles and waiting for it to dry. The following day was a day of drybrushing using the Rich Brown craft paint all over the board. This was followed with a lighter coat of the Ground Cinnamon with a final highlight of Golden Brown. Overall the main parts of the board are a bit lighter than my normal basing colour on the Blood Angels but this is international as I wanted some contrast between the board, basing and models.

2016-07-12 22.42.35    2016-07-13 23.03.44

The rock portions of the board were drybrushed with Reaper Misty Grey with a final highlight of a 50/50 mix of Misty Grey and White. Skulls were then picked out with P3 Jack Bone before doing a wash of GW Devlan Mud. Army Painter grass tufts were sparingly placed through the board and glued down with super glue. Final process were the blood pools that were to cover the skulls. This was done with EnviroTex Lite and Tamiya Red ink. Final pictures: