New additions to my Blood Angel army. Finished painting some HQs and a Stormraven Gunship which were all built and primed many years ago. Sanguinor, Calistarius, 2nd ed Captain and librarian are all added to my HQs. The Space Hulk librarian was the last model in my Space Hulk set to be painted on the BA side.

The Stormraven Gunship is also magnetized for weapon options and the wings are removeable for easy storage and transport. The pilot and gunner cockpits are both painted and the canopy glass were dipped in marine blue ink mixed with future polish for the tinted look.

Current army stats:

Type Points Model Count
HQ 3645 34
Elites 3660 65
Troops 949 58
Dedicated Transports 790 10
Fast Attack 1113 31
Heavy Support 2565 36
Ultraheavies and Titans 2065 4
Totals 14787 238