First models completed for 2017! When the Centurions were first released, they were a love it or hate it model among fans РI was originally on the hate it side and thought they looked ridiculous. After buying the kit and doing my first version without the armor panels, I grew to like the models: 

I was amazed at all the details, pistons, pivots, etc that were being hidden by the huge armor panels and since my first build was for devastator centurions (with blue helms) I figured it would make more sense to leave much of the bulkier armor plates off.

After finishing the initial devastator squad, I always wanted to go back and build an assault squad. Even though the BA codex doesn’t include the unit, my collecting compulsion drove me to build and paint an assault squad to add to my army. I ended up magnetizing the close combat arms and weapons in case I wanted to change things up in the future. I also painted the helms of this squad in yellow to reflect the assault squad lore for BA. Final pictures are below: