Recently I finished off a HQ model for my Blood Angels which will be the first model in my 1000 pts intro list to learn how to play Warhammer 40,000. Since Blood Angels are one of the lower tiered armies, it was recommended that I run them as vanilla Space Marines while still painting them up in BA colours for now.

The chapter tactics for the 1k intro list is White Scars and of course, their leader Kor’sarro Khan on the bike Moondrakkan. For this model, I wanted to make something unique so I decided to kitbash it using the Dark Angel Sammael jet bike model as the base. khanwip1Luckily, the model I got was a resin model instead of metal so removing the DA iconography wasn’t an issue. khanwip2

For the torso, I took the Blood Angels torso from the Blood Angels upgrade pack and stuck on handle bars and arms from the Dark Angel Ravenwing Black Knights and arm and halberd from the Grey Knight Strike Squad. Finally, the head was from the BA upgrade pack as well.

Having completed the kit base, I wasn’t completely happy with the look of the torso, arms and head so those might change in the future. Since the torso and weapon arm are both magnetized, it won’t be that difficult to swap this out.

I also left out the huge book from the top of the jet bike hood which comes with the DA Sammael model instead placing a small winged skull icon similar a spirit of ecstasy on the Rolls Royce car hood. Rest of the model came together quite easily with the base done in the same fashion as the rest of my Blood Angels with cork and sand and skulls for HQ units.

khanwip3 khanwip4






Painting the model was a straight forward affair with standard airbrush basecoat and shading which was completed with brush work on all details.

Final Photos:

khan1 khan2 khan3 khan4