I’ve had the vanguard veterans sitting around built up and unprimed/unpainted for years now. These are the old pewter models that came before the newer plastic kit. The models still hold up quite well in the current range though having gotten used to working primarily with plastic/resin, it was tough switching back to metal and breaking out the metal files for the mold lines and miscast areas. Also ended up taking some photos with my new macromat which I backed in the kickstarter. Their backgrounds are very similar to the MassiveVoodoo background I used many years ago when I first started painting Blood Angels so it’s a nice throwback.










Also included in this batch of painted models are a few more random ones. First off the Blood Angel Vanguard Veteran Sergeant which is also a metal model:

Then there is the old Gamesday 2005 metal space marine model:

Followed by the Deathwatch Blood Angel Antor Delassio:

And finally, the plastic 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Space Marine: