Hello, my name is Shane and I’m a Warhammer 40,000 (addict) fan. If you haven’t figure out already, I collect and paint Blood Angels – one of many space marine armies within the 40K universe. This site is a chronicle of my hobby journey: from buying my first models and tools to building and collecting what I hope to be one of the biggest and best painted Blood Angel army.

In the Beginning…

My first recollection of Games Workshop models was around the age of 12 after stumbling into a GW store at the local mall. Fascinated with all the well painted pewter minis, I was shocked when I saw the sticker price of $20 for a box of 5 marines (fast forward 15 years and this is actually considered cheap!). Being young and without much disposable income, I quickly forgot about the “toy soldiers”.

WHOLogoThroughout my undergraduate studies, I played a few MMO RPG games (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), one of which was Warhammer Online by Mythic Entertainment. Even though this game never gained popularity to be considered a successful MMO, it ended up being my gateway drug back into the Games Workshop hobby.

In 2008, I walked into another Games Workshop store and left with a hobby paint/tool starter set and box of sniper space marine scouts. For the next two years, I learned everything I could about the hobby side of painting and model building and collected/painted any model that I felt looked interesting: GW Fantasty, 40K, Warmachine and Hordes.

The Blood Angels Army

In 2010, I came across a Craigslist ad for a Space Marine army for a great price. Thinking I would add to my previously painted sniper scouts, which I had painted as Blood Angels, I quickly bought the army and started to planning my collection. The deal came with 6 Space Marine vehicles and knowing full well that I would never paint that many tanks with just a brush, I decided to get into airbrushing.


Fast forward 6 more years and I have since accumulated over 10,000 points of Blood Angels – all painted to what I would consider a high standard. This collection is and will remain a work in progress for many years to come as my model backlog grows faster than I can paint.



I started experimenting with airbrushing at the same time I started collecting Blood Angels. Back then, airbrushing was still relatively new to the Warhammer hobby scene and there weren’t many resources/tutorials on getting started (though it had been around for many years with the old school military modelling community). ab01I started out with an Iwata Revolution BR airbrush (which I still have to this day) and a hardware airbrush compressor (almost went deaf using this). My airbrush skills eventually progressed beyond what the initial Iwata starter brush could provide. Also, I didn’t want to risk pissing of my neighbors anymore by airbrushing at night with the hardware compress so I looked to upgrade my equipment. Eventually, I’ve added to my airbrush toolbox with a Harder and Steenbeck Infinity 2-in-1 (great all-rounder airbrush for basecoating and details), VEDA 180 (cheap ebay airbrush which no longer works), Badger Sotar 20/20 (excellent fine detail/control brush), Iwata Revolution CR (primer and varnish brush) and Grex Tritium G3. Also upgraded was my compressor to the Grex AC1810 (tankless) which is now a backup and my primary Sparmax TC-610H.

These days, I have thrown out all my spray cans in favor of doing everything from priming, painting and varnishing with the airbrush. To do so, I have several air brushes with different sized nozzles to fulfill different roles and  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

This Blog

This blog is meant as a place to document my collection and share with the greater online hobby community the progress, tips and tricks that I learn along the way. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates!


  1. Gregory Shadle
    Posted on August 19, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Awesome models. I can’t wait to start my own. You are an inspiration. Thanks Greg.

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