More Blood Angel Bikes and AoBR Captain

As the post title suggests these are new additions to my existing bike force. I think I have enough to field an all bike army at the point if I wanted. These bikes are a combination of regular bikes, Dark Angel bikes and kitbashed ones. A few are also magnetized at the arm for easy weapon swaps if required. Finally I finished the captain model from the assault on Black Reach 5th ed box set.

Blood Angel Vanguard Veterans and Randoms

I’ve had the vanguard veterans sitting around built up and unprimed/unpainted for years now. These are the old pewter models that came before the newer plastic kit. The models still hold up quite well in the current range though having gotten used to working primarily with plastic/resin, it was tough switching back to metal and breaking out the metal files for the mold lines and miscast areas. Also ended up taking some photos with my new macromat which I backed in the kickstarter. Their backgrounds are very similar to the MassiveVoodoo background I used many years ago when I first started painting Blood Angels so it’s a nice throwback.










Also included in this batch of painted models are a few more random ones. First off the Blood Angel Vanguard Veteran Sergeant which is also a metal model:

Then there is the old Gamesday 2005 metal space marine model:

Followed by the Deathwatch Blood Angel Antor Delassio:

And finally, the plastic 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Space Marine:

40K Terrain

Decided to switch up the model type and do some terrain pieces instead. These have been sitting around for awhile (along with a Fortress of Redemption which still needs to be primed). Painting terrain is a nice change of pace as it gives me the opportunity to be a bit more “sloppy” with the paintwork and try out various techniques I wouldn’t normally use on normal minis. This is just the start though as I have plenty of Shadow Wars Armageddon and other various 40K terrain pieces left to build/paint.


Centurion Assault Squad

First models completed for 2017! When the Centurions were first released, they were a love it or hate it model among fans – I was originally on the hate it side and thought they looked ridiculous. After buying the kit and doing my first version without the armor panels, I grew to like the models: 

I was amazed at all the details, pistons, pivots, etc that were being hidden by the huge armor panels and since my first build was for devastator centurions (with blue helms) I figured it would make more sense to leave much of the bulkier armor plates off.

After finishing the initial devastator squad, I always wanted to go back and build an assault squad. Even though the BA codex doesn’t include the unit, my collecting compulsion drove me to build and paint an assault squad to add to my army. I ended up magnetizing the close combat arms and weapons in case I wanted to change things up in the future. I also painted the helms of this squad in yellow to reflect the assault squad lore for BA. Final pictures are below:

GW Munitorium and custom Chessex Blood Angels Dice

Quick post showing off the GW Munitorium dice which came in my 6th Ed Gamer’s Edition Rulebook. I ended up painting the servo skull dice holders as they came in just a grey paint job out of the box. Also shown in the picture are the BA dice from GW (which are a very poor quality in terms of PIP printing) and custom Chessex dice that I custom ordered earlier this year (fantastic quality!).

dice1 dice4 dice3 dice2

Blood Angels Army Showcase: 15,087 points

It was a little over 6 years ago when I decided to start collect and paint an army of Blood Angels (source: As the saying goes, if you want to do something, do it right and I was determined to build a well painted and HUGE Blood Angels army. At the time, I had no definition of what HUGE meant and my painting skill was still developing (it still is) but I’ve been happy with the progress I’ve made towards this collection in the past 6 years. Being a completionist, I bought every Blood Angel (and even Space Marine) model I could get so I would have at least one of each model in my army. The current state doesn’t include many of these models as they’re still in my backlog – either waiting to be assembled or painted.

Current tally of points has the army at 15,087 at time of this writing using values from all the most recent codices (Blood Angels, Space Marine, Dark Angels, etc) for the models represented. Total model count is 240.

Points breakdown are as follows:

Type Points Model Count
HQ 3645 34
Elites 3660 65
Troops 949 58
Dedicated Transports 790 10
Fast Attack 1413 33
Heavy Support 2565 36
Ultraheavies and Titans 2065 4
Totals 15087 240

Click here to see the full army picture (high res):

It took the better half of a day in setting up all the models for photos. Many of the models were packed away and I had not seen for 3+ years – some of which I had forgot that I had. The biggest challenge in photographing such a huge number of models is getting proper and consistent lighting. Normally for showcases on individual models, I can use my 24″x24″x24″ photobooth which ensures I get a consistent and reproduce-able lighting environment. Setting all the models out on the Realm of Battle board which is 6’x4′ was an interesting learning experience. I used two studio lights with white umbrella diffusers though lighting was still less than optimal. In the end I had to do heavy retouching in Lightroom/Photoshop to get the final shots. My camera/lens combo might also be a limiting factor (Olympus OMD EM-5 with a Panasonic 20mm F1.7 lens). Most photos were shot on F4 which was a bit too restrictive in focus – should have used a higher F value to get more models included in the shot but something to keep in mind for next time as well.

In the end I shot approximately 200 photos, many of which were duplicates or not usable. Final picture count was taken down to a more manageable 110 photos which are shown below:

15k-army 15k-army215k-armyright4 15k-armyright3 15k-armyright2 15k-armyright 15k-armyleftcenter5 15k-armyleftcenter3 15k-armyleftcenter2 15k-armyleftcenter 15k-armyleft4 15k-armyleft3 15k-armyleft2 15k-armyleft 15k-armycenterright6 15k-armycenterright5 15k-armycenterright4 15k-armycenterright3 15k-armycenterright2 15k-armycenterright 15k-armycenter7 15k-armycenter6 15k-armycenter5 15k-armycenter4 15k-armycenter3 15k-armycenter2 15k-armycenter
15k-capt 15k-vanguards 15k-tycho 15k-troops2 15k-titan5 15k-titan4 15k-titan3 15k-titan2 15k-titan 15k-term4 15k-term3 15k-term2 15k-term 15k-tech2 15k-tech 15k-tanksright7 15k-tanksright6 15k-tanksright5 15k-tanksright4 15k-tanksright3 15k-tanksright2 15k-tanksright 15k-tanksleft6 15k-tanksleft5 15k-tanksleft4 15k-tanksleft3 15k-tanksleft2 15k-tanksleft 15k-stormraven 15k-statue2 15k-statue 15k-sspeeder2 15k-sspeeder 15k-speeders2 15k-speeders 15k-shadow5 15k-shadow4 15k-shadow2 15k-shadow 15k-sarg 15k-sanguinor 15k-sang 15k-pred 15k-nem4 15k-nem3 15k-nem2 15k-nem 15k-meph 15k-lrcrusader 15k-libs 15k-libdread3 15k-libdread2 15k-libdread 15k-lib4 15k-lib3 15k-lib2 15k-lib 15k-khan 15k-impknight2 15k-impknight 15k-hqs 15k-dreads3 15k-dreads2 15k-dreads 15k-dev 15k-deathdread4 15k-deathdread3 15k-deathdread2 15k-deathdread 15k-dead 15k-dante 15k-corb 15k-command 15k-chap3 15k-chap2 15k-chap 15k-cents3 15k-cent2 15k-cent 15k-capt4 15k-capt3 15k-capt2